For nine years, Gladstone man Roger Butcher battled for the basic life necessities. He was living on the street, didn’t have a job and struggled with dependency issues.

It was in 2022 that the 39-year-old  decided he needed to take control and turn his life around. He was connected with IntoJobs in Gladstone for support, “When I first met Roger he was not engaged, and I could tell he was struggling but wasn’t ready to share his story. It was when I finally convinced him to join our Employability Skills Training program that he opened up about his challenges. I discovered a lot about Roger I previously didn’t know,” IntoJobs Mobile Employment Consultant Roselyn said.

“He lacked self-esteem and motivation and struggled with sleep and stress which were all related to each other. He had been homeless and lost everything, as well being dependent on substances. It was through the program, he was finally able to open up and get support to address those barriers.”

Roger was keen to gain skills and start work in construction as a labourer but was happy to get an entry-level position to kick-start his journey. Through the EST program, Local Jobs Program with Deploy and the completion of the Four Winds course, Roger was coached and mentored which equipped him with the right skills and mindset to get a job working in maintenance at The Grand Hotel.

IntoJobs also supplied Roger with a phone, fuel and PPE for the courses.

 “Roger finished his courses and from that day on he was always communicating with me what was happening with him. He got a job interview with Lawry from The Grand Hotel and started the same day he went for his interview!” she said.

“I could hear the smile on his face when he told me, he was so excited to tell his children. Lawry said he was very happy with Roger, who is a hard worker and can work independently and fits in with the rest of the team. Roger has come a long way and I can see a big difference in him from when I first met him to now. He has gained skills and confidence to put himself out there in society again. I’m very proud of Roger.”

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