Work for the Dole

This program gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities and contribute to your local community as you gain skills to help you find secure work.

Work for the Dole - man picking trash

Participating in Work for the Dole, delivered by IntoJobs, enables you to do supervised work-like activities through host organisations in your local area. Plus, you’ll earn points towards your monthly points target. You will continue to receive your income support and assistance from IntoJobs while undertaking Work for the Dole activities.


Work for the Dole is open to participants aged 18 years and over who are registered for Workforce Australia services, delivered by IntoJobs.

Two owners of a vintage clothing store

A Work for the Dole activity can help you:

For more information, please click here Work for the Dole – Information for Participants

Examples of activities you might participate in:

Charity retail work


Initiatives for people fleeing domestic violence

Online monthly publications

RSPCA animal shelters

Preparing food hampers

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