Vibrant futures for Rockhampton Job Seekers

After two years of unemployment, Zacharia Davis is loving his new role as a labourer and factory worker at Port Alma’s Pacific Salt. 

The 27-year-old Rockhampton man was keen to work, but faced multiple barriers finding ongoing employment on his own. While qualified in construction, he was finding it hard to land a job in the industry without experience or a driver’s license. He also suffered a workplace injury in 2020 and struggled with mental health after the loss of a close family member.

“It was really hard to find a job. It felt like you either had to be a young buck fresh out of high school or have 10 to 15 years’ experience, or know someone already in the industry,” Zach said. “I was getting really tired of telling myself it was okay, that I may not get this job and that there was always next time. It was getting long in the tooth, and really tired of trying to stay positive.” 

Zach was put in touch with the IntoJobs team in Rockhampton where they worked with him to identify his goals, priorities and support needs. IntoJobs arranged driving lessons, new work clothing, and a pre-employment medical exam. Zach
was also referred into the Local Jobs Four Winds program, which provided him with counselling and tips how to market himself by updating his resume, interview techniques and social media presence.

The course also explored what industry Zach was interested in which led to a full-time role at Pacific Salt.

Mobile Employment Consultant Michael said by providing Zach with practical support, referrals and skills he was able to secure a job in the industry he wanted to work in, “Zach was experiencing extreme hardship but he championed through any barriers to be where he is now. Once Pacific Salt interviewed Zach, they decided on the spot they wanted to employ him. We are very proud of how far he’s come and look forward to seeing him progress in his role.”

Zach said he was really happy to have the support of IntoJobs, “Michael was really impressed with my attitude towards trying to find work. He saw me every month and didn’t slow down his support at all. I’m really glad I stayed with IntoJobs because they’re the ones who got me into the Local Jobs Program – Four Winds which really helped me. You’ve just got to be patient with yourself and IntoJobs will guide you and are very proactive with their support,” he said.

Operating under the Australian Governments Workforce Australia contracts, IntoJobs has helped more than 2800 people  into employment across Australia since July 2022 through its innovative mobile delivery service. The IntoJobs team in Rockhampton and Gladstone has helped more than 700 people into fulfilling and secure employment across the Fitzroy Employment Region.

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